About BerMuzik

BerMuzik is literally translated to as “musicking“, which stands for making, listening, and interacting with oneself and others via music. The term musicking was popularised by the late ethnomusicologist, Christopher Small, *as a way to understand the nature of the music act and its function in human life* (Small, 1999).

Being trained in a rather rigid approach, William (founder of BerMuzik) was determined to improve individuals’ musical experiences regardless of their ability in music. He worked with a range of music enthusiasts, from children with learning disabilities to adults who have confidence issues. He introduced simple, fun, and motivating ways that allowed his students to experience music to the fullest. While some enjoyed the journey of learning to play the guitar, others benefitted from the therapeutic side of music. The proven success of these methods inspired the establishment of BerMuzik with the aim of spreading the love and power of music through music making.

At BerMuzik, we believe that music connects with people through many ways. That is why we come out with interesting ways to make your music making experiences a special one. Our unique approaches are based on current research findings linked to psychology, music, and education. Be it an event to improve team cohesion or a new journey to the world of music, BerMuzik will make it a positive and unforgettable one.

Let’s make music together, let’s BerMuzik!

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